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Dataid s.r.o

Klincová 37/B

821 08 Bratislava


IČO: 52117723

DIČ: 2120904643

IČ DPH: SK2120904643

We are a member of the Register of Public Sector Partners
Modern office spaces
Team of more than 10 professionals
Education of a new generation
Fair play dealing with everyone


When procuring the hardware part of the project, we recommend to the clients to use as effective solution as possible. We know our own software and we know its specifics and performance requirements. The hardware itself is only one part of the balance scales; datacenter is the other part. We use the services of the Digitalis datacenter, which meets the strictest security criteria, yet at the same time it is one of the most ecological data centers in Slovakia. It uses revolutionary adiabatic evaporation and freecooling for cooling, which saves up to ⅔ of the costs. Residual heat from the processors is used to heat a greenhouse system with plants and a garden center store.

We are open to home-office, but we also have offices. Its location is strategically chosen so that we can get to work on foot, or with a short ride on a bike or scooter.

We use state-of-the-art hardware for software development, which is very energy efficient.

Will we be the right partner for your project?

Are you limited by your current software solution and would you like to build your project using your own system that does not have any limits? Do you have specific requirements, which the existing formats of online stores or presentation webpages cannot effectively meet? In this case we are here for you; prepared to provide professional services, through which we will help you achieve your goals.