Why Use the Services of an External IT Services Contractor?

Are you considering whether an external IT development department will be a better solution for you or is it better to set up your own? In our experience, the former is the better choice for most companies. Here is an explanation why.

What Do You Get as Part of an External Solution?

If you decide to use our external IT developmental department, a contact person will be assigned to you, who you can contact at any time. This way, you will not lose contact with our developers and you will always have an overview of individual tasks. Our team includes experienced experts from various fields, who have years of experience. This way, we provide the highest standard of services.

The key to successful collaboration is accurate development planning, based on which we can easily manage individual tasks. Thanks to this, we work effectively and you get the desired results within the expected timeframe.

Advantages of an External IT Services Provider

You get several benefits if you use an external developmental department. For example, if someone from the team gets sick, we can replace him with another colleague. If you would have your own experts and someone is unable to work, many activities may be stopped.

Wide Range of Services

Another benefit is the complexity of the offered solutions. We provide project management, programming, cybernetic security, testing, graphics, copywriting and much more. Our internal processes are effectively set up and tested, thanks to which we are able to work quickly and effectively. We can easily scale the volume of work according to the client's needs.

Lower Costs

Lower costs when compared to establishing your own IT department are another benefit. We guarantee the quality of our outputs, which are subjects to multiple controls. We provide hourly billing to our clients with a clear description of works. We pay VAT, thanks to which you can claim tax costs. The majority of freelancers do not provide this possibility.

Disadvantages of Your Own IT Department

When establishing your own IT department, it is necessary to invest considerable resources into finding the right people. You have to test the individual candidates if they meet the set requirements. Training is another disadvantage, which often takes a lot of time.

With freelancers, it is often difficult to get a guarantee of quality. If you hire one person, who has knowledge from several areas, he will most likely not be as good as several experts in their respective fields.

Effectivity Comes First

If you want to use your time and financial resources as efficiently as possible, collaboration with an external IT contractor will be the ideal choice for you. Are you interested in our services? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will gladly listen to your requirements and propose an optimum custom-tailored solution.