CRM systems

You can effectively manage your company using complex CRM systems. You can order raw materials, solve customer relationship problems, manage your finances, plan, analyze and predict issues. This way you save time, lower costs and you have constant overview of all important data in one place.

We develop custom-tailored CRM systems and integrate into them elements that will elevate the management of your business to the next level. Thanks to automation, they will significantly ease the management of individual tasks and monitoring of important data. The option of linking them to external programs and third-party applications is a given.

Security and speed are some of the key factors, to which we pay extra attention when designing and solving CRM systems.


We understand that today, security is the key factor of systems. This is true even more, if you store sensitive information about your customers in them. We conceive the CRM systems in a way, where they are accessibly only via a secured VPN network. So even if you will be working from a coffee shop or a public Wi-Fi network, a potential attacker does not have a big chance to enter your communication or steal sensitive information. In addition to encrypting the connection to the system itself, we also implement other security layers in the application itself. Last but not least, we also think about data storage itself. Whether it is application or database data, it is always replicated on several places in an encrypted form.


We do not like to wait long for webpages to load, you certainly not either. Image a situation, in which a company with 30 employees uses an ineffective slow solution. The average number of system pages loading is 1,400 during 8 hours of working time. By increasing the speed by one second, the employee gets more than 20 minutes back at the end of each day, he did not have to spend by ineffective waiting. With 30 employees, the total potential of saved time is approximately 10 hours a day. This can save you one work place.

Automation of processes

Are you still preparing documents for clients manually, by inserting data into Word? We have experience with automated preparation of documents for your customers, which we subsequently sent encrypted by e-mail. Furthermore, we send the password in a SMS message. There is also the option of placing a bar or a QR code on your documents, which can make identification for further processing easier. There are no limits for automation of processes. We can prepare a solution for you, which will correct specific shortcomings and improve the effectiveness of your employees' work.