Development of Online Stores and Storage Systems

With our solution, you will no longer have to limit yourself. We have experience with data sources that contain hundreds of millions of rows of records and despite this, fragments of data are served to customers exactly at the moment when they need it and without unnecessary waiting.


We have our own team of graphic designers who design a unique design with emphasis on user experience. We analyze individual graphic designs and test their effectiveness to produce the desired results. Thanks to the next-generation pictures, we can provide a first-class visual web experience and faster loading at the same time.

Process Automation

Do you have a lot of manual work with orders in your online store? This can be a thing of the past. Most of the renowned organizations working with online stores, like transportation companies, banks or product comparators have links to their APIs available. This way you can achieve a high-level of automation and order shipment will become a matter of clicking a single button for you.

Overview and Planning

Chaos in the warehouse will a thing of the past for you. Thanks to accurate mapping, each employee knows where he should look and where to store. Not only that; by optimizing processes we can prepare for you a mechanism for effective route planning. When picking goods from your warehouse, your employee will have an exact route planned he should follow, with stops for picking up the required goods. At the end of the day, he may save a couple of kilometers even in a smaller warehouse. You can check all information in real time through the clear interface of the storage system.

When There Is No Room for Mistakes

Does it happen to you that your employees send an incorrect product to the customer? This will become a thing of the past with automation of control using bar or QR code scanners. Using this mechanism, it is possible to warn the employee or to completely disable the processing of incorrect goods.

Payment Systems

Today, a payment card is a standard. We have experience with global payment systems as well as the implementation of local payment systems provided in Slovakia and the surrounding countries. But it does not end with a card payment; through expanded implementation, we can also ensure automatic refund of your customers through your online store. Whether partial, when one of several products is being returned, or complete, where the entire order is being returned.


Information you will get about your customers over time is very valuable. Therefore, you should think also about adequate security. Our highest priority is the security of your clients' data. The goal is to restrict access to this data only to an employee, who has sufficient privileges or to the customer himself in his profile. Privileged data access is one part of security; the other is the actual security of the online store system on the application level and the security of the hardware itself that operates the online store. We have experience with adequate security of large-scale systems. This way, you will not have to think about questions related to this topic.

How Much Would a Hour-Long Outage Cost You?

Losses on unaccepted orders; employees, who suddenly do not have anything to do; damaged reputation… simply put, a nightmare. But we are here for you and we will gladly design systems for you in a way, where your entire company will not be affected just to save a couple of hundreds of Euros a month. This issue is related to the actual design of the infrastructure, as well as the preparation of the application. It will natively know what to do in case one of the nodes is failing. We can provide implementation of the solution either on your own hardware or using cloud solutions.